Houseboats in Kerala And kashmir

Kerala Houseboats
Kerala Houseboats are huge wooden made country boats that were used in the early days for the transportation of local raw materials and commodities from the isolated & back water covered interior villages of Kerala to the nearest towns and warehouses. With the gradual development of roads, bridges and ferry services, these boats went off the scene. Now these vessels are back again with luxury amenities as a major tourist experience in Gods own country. A Kerala houseboat’s size vary from, about to 90 feet in length and a width of around 15 feet , big houseboats with up 110 feet long and up to 20 feet wide. The raw materials used for making the boats are all local like Eco friendly bamboo poles, coconut fiber ropes, bamboo mats, designed coir carpets etc. Modern Kerala houseboats are 1 bed room to up to 7 spacious bed rooms according to its size with Air condition, large balcony, LCD TV, attached bathroom with modern fittings, separate Kitchen etc. 


YOUNG ALZIRA GROUP of Houseboats in Kashmir
We are among the oldest Houseboat owners at Dal Lake. Enjoy the stay at Dal lake in our cozy and comfortable houseboats.The gentle sounds of rippling waters and the beautiful houseboats are the greatest attractions of Kashmir. Made up of cedar wood, these mesmerizing water boat residences have elegance and are complete with stately living quarters, drawing and dining rooms, carved wooden furniture, glowingly embroidered rugs and fabrics. 

The large windows of the houseboats provide beautiful views of the snow-covered peaks of the Himalayan Mountains and the pretty Dal Lake with beautiful lotus flowers adorning it. The breathtaking views combined with the silent and serene atmosphere and homely comforts are enough to infuse new lives and rejuvenate the visitors.

Besides the homely comforts and delicacies of the houseboat and the famous Shikara ride, the other luxuries one can enjoy are sunbathing on the houseboats on the top-deck. Water - powered peddlers sell everything from saffron to papier mache deer to the houseboat door.
Ours are spacious multi-bedroom boats and cozy two-bedrooms also; all feature attached bathrooms, electricity and modern plumbing. The cedar interiors are intricately carved and display the consummate artistry of Kashmiri craftsmen. The furnishings include embroidered native rugs and fabrics, local objects dart, and solidly comfortable Victorian and Edwardian furniture. These luxurious boats also feature rooftop sundecks from which to take in the Himalayan views and enjoy the brisk fresh air.


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