South India Ayurveda Tour Package

Duration : 14 Nights / 15 Days.
Destinations Covered : Mysore - Ooty - Cochin - Lake Periyar - Madurai-Trichy - Mahabalipuram.

Day 01 : Bangalore
You would land in Bangalore Airport. From here our representative would take you to your hotel. He would take care of your luggage. At the hotel, you would recieve a warm invigorating welcome from the hotel staff. A traditional Indian greet would cheer you up and would mellow your tirdness. This would be probably the first instance when you would relize that you have come to India.
Being the first day and obviously after your flight we would give you time to relax and get prepared for the tour ahead. The time left on this would be in your hand and it would be up to as you would decide what you want to do. Either watch television or come out of your room and chat with other people who have resorted in the hotel. Obviously for this purpose, Bar or a restaurant is the perfect place. You would find number of people in the resort who either would be tourists or business travellers. It would definitely give you the chance to know more about the city
If you prefer to stay in your room, we would love to provide you a detailed itinerary of the tour you have taken. Read that and pass your time. Late in the evening, your food would be served. After food, don’t waste time and spread your body on the comfortable bed which would give you all the solace.

Day 02 : Bangalore
This would be your second day in Bangalore. As a concerned travel agent, we have planned everything for you. We would start our day after breakfast. Being an important city, there are number of tourists attractions but we would cover tourists spots of relative importance. The first one would be Vidhan Soudha which was constructed in between 1954 and 1958. This beautiful edifice forms major attraction of Bangalore. Then offcourse the Tipu Sultan palace. You can have a glimpse of ethnic Mughal lifestyle. It was constructed in teak wood. Post lunch, we would visit Bull Temple which was constructed by Kempegowda in the 16th century. In the evening, we would navigate through Ulsoor lake which would relax our eyes and mind. Truly, a scenic charm, the lake would soothe your soul and mind. Resort to your hotel. The food would be served as when asked.

Day 03 : Bangalore - Mysore
After completing the fascinating tour in Bangalore, we would leave for Mysore. The city is 200 kms from Bangalore and it would take 4 hrs to reach this place. Enroute, we would stop at Srirangapatnam- - the summer capital of Tipu Sultan. It is an island town which was covered by Cauvery river. This temple was constructed by Lord Sriranganatha and was built by Chieftain Thirumalaiah in 894 AD. Prelunch, we would be in Mysore. We would resort in five star deluxe hotel. The hotel staff would transfer your baggage to your room. We would have our lunch in the hotel itself and then would come out for our exploration. Mysore Palace would form the first part of our tour.
Constructed in 1897, this palace was once the residence of Wodeyars and is counted amongst the largest palaces in the world. It would take around 3 hrs to fully explore Mysore Palace. Later in the evening, we would resort back to our hotel and would ask the hotel authorities to serve us delicious South Indian food. South Indian food is typical as it is cooked in coconut oil. The major attributes of South Indian food would Dosa, Idlis and Sambhar. Resort back to your hotel room and then sleep.

Day 04 : Mysore - Ooty
This morning we would leave for Ooty which at 230 kms from Mysore and was once known as the summer capital of Britishers in South India. Relative to distance, we would take 5 hrs to complete the journey. The journey from Mysore to Ooty would be quite fascinating. Many a times, you would come face to face with elephants who would either crossing roads or would be entertaining the people. Since it would be a journey from plain to hills, naturally there would be difference which would start with the road itself. On your way to Ooty, you might come across steep road cuts. Temperature would definitely differ and you would actually feel as you enter this zone. More pristine, the cool air would get deeper to your soul and would clear the toxic part. It would be refreshing as well a totally new experience.
We would try to take the best room in the Ooty . After comforting yourself in the room, our assitant would ask the resort manager if they have Aroma therapy. This therapy utilizes essential oils and would help to relax, to balance and stimulate the mind, the spirit, and the body. This would be your first introduction to a form of Ayurveda. 

This day would be considered for relaxation. So you could either sleep or just pass your time exploring the hotel vicinity. Ooty is such a charming place that you would not come to know time passed by. Resort back to your hotel and your food would be served.

Day 05 : Ooty
As soon as the sun breaks the minute layer of cloud, we would start your day. Your would get your breakfast in your room. Just freshen up as within no time we would explore Ooty. We would cover tourist spots like Ooty lake and Botanical gardens. We would first cover Botanical gardens, which spread over an area of 50 acre. Since the park lies beneathe Doddabetta peak, it offers some panoramic view to its travellers. The second in the course of line would be Ooty lake, formed in 1824, this is an artificial lake with a charming look and was formed by Mr John Sullivan. Post lunch, we would try trekking. There are number of treks in Ooty just choose the one which you like the most and start off. You can start from any point and end at any. The treks would be a perfect way to explore the natural splendor of the city. Being a hill station, Ooty forms one of the best hill resort in India. We would return to our hotel where we would be served with hot meal.

Day 06 : Ooty - Cochin 
Next morning, we would check out from the hotel. We would be served with good breakfast. Our next destination lies in Kerala - Cochin. We would pass by another city Coimbatore which at times called the Manchaster of Asia. The city have number of attractions which would include Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary and Black Thunder Amusement Park. If possible and time allowed we would cover them on our tour. Other wise we would continue with some breaks in between, where we would have some snacks. As soon as you enter Kerala, you would find number of things which would fall on your trail. Roads would be lined with coconut trees or palm trees and beneathe them you would be able to locate joints selling coconut water. They would cost you around Rs 15- Rs 20. Try the water as it is completely refreshing and would soothen your mind and body. Your hotel room would be ready in Cochin. Our representative in Cochin would have booked the best of Ayurvedic reosrt in the city . Just unload your baggage and then you have to worry about nothing. The assitant we would provide with you would do the rest. Relax as this would be your first day and since you would be coming closer to some thing for wich you have booked this tour - Ayurveda.

Day 07 : Cochin
You might have to get up early in the morning as on this day you would meet the doctor and the physicians who would provide you an hour long session on Ayurveda. As you know, Ayurveda is a holistic science which developed some 5000 years ago is considered to be the best medicinal therapy in India. You would also plan this tour to know more about it and see how it can change your life.

On this day itself you would be divided into groups and enrolled into an Ayurveda programme. This programme would let you know more about the science and would be demanding bodily as well as mentally. Get prepared to change your being.

After breakfast, we would board the cab and zoom out to unfold the multifaceted city. Fishing Net, Bolghatty Palace, Jewish Synagogue are some of the famous tourist spots of Cochin. The first one our exploration list would be Chinese Fishing Nets, then the Bolghatty Palace and St Francis Church. Late evening, we would resort to our room. We would be so tired that there would be nothing else which we would be able to do. So we would keep the things for the next day. Eat your food and go to sleep.

Day 08 : Cochin - Lake Periyar
This morning you would start your day with Yoga session and you would be served with Ayurvedic breakfast. This would be crisp session to make you aware about the rejuvenating science
In the morning, we would leave for Periyar. The drive into the city would be beautiful and you would come across several spice plantation. As you enter this region, you would come to know as the smell of the spices pervades the air. In Periyar, the most attractive tourist spot would be Periyar Wildlife park. This park is quiet famous for its elephants and other wild animals. Wildlife photography, bird watching, elephant herds and tiger watching are some of the famous things which you can opt for. Darters, Cormorants, Kingfishers, and the great Malabar Hornbill and racket-tailed Drongoes are few of the major bird species at Lake Periyar. A boat ride in the Peiyar lake would give you the scenic charm and you would love to unveil it.

Day 09 : Lake Periyar - Madurai
You would leave Thekkaddy on this day and would head towards yet another great city of Kerala - Madurai (163kms). It would take 3 hrs to reach the place. Just check in and rest in the hotel. In the evening we would visit Meenakshi temple in Madurai. By this time, the bells of the temple start ringing and people get collected to pay homage to their god. Being an ancient site, Madurai temple tends to be a central part of the city tourism. Resort back to your room. Your food would be served.

Day 10 : Madurai
This would be your second day in Madurai. In the morning, we would arrange a slide show which would tell you about the various Ayurveda and Ayurbedic therapies. It would also tell you about some home remedies which you could take when needed. Later after your Ayurvedic breakfast we would explore the tourists spots of Madurai. Post lunch we would leave for Trichy, which is 142 kms from Madurai. Enroute Trichy would fall another city Tanjore and we would take a night halt there. Early in the morning, we would leave fro Trichy.

Day 11 : Madurai - Trichy
Pre breakfast, we would be in Trichy famous for Rock fort and temple of thousand pillar. Just 320 km to the south of Chennai, Tiruchirapalli is also reffered as Trichy. Rock Fort Temple would be the first tourist spot on our exploration. Later Srirangam, was constructed and is counted amongst the most venerated temples to Lord Vishnu. Post Lunch, we would visit St John Church whcih was constructed in 1812 AD. Resort back to hotel and dine at its restaurant.

Day 12 : Trichy - Mahabalipuram 
After your yoga excersize, which you have learnt , we would take breakfast. We would head towards Mahabalipuram and on the way you would find Pondicherry. You can check in the hotel in Covelong and later we would explored attractions in Mahabalipuram which would include the Shore temple and the other temples.

Day 13 : Mahablipuram - Madras (Chennai) 
From Mahabalipuram, we would leave for Madras or Chennai as called. On the way, we would visit Kancheepuram - mainly famous for its silk saris, this abode is quite famous on Madras map. As a tourists, you can visit the various temples in Kancheepuram. Post lunch, we would again begin with our journey and reach Madras, where our room is booked. You would get a great hospitality here from the hotel staff and you would love to have one. Try the delicious South Indian cusine - Doshas, Idlis and Sambhar. This forms the best South Indian cuisine to savor on your tour.

Day 14 : Madras
Later in the morning, we would get enrolled in a city sightseeing tour of Madras. We would visit Museum, Fort St. George and Marina beach. Late evening, you would be free to do things of your wish. We would try to arrange Kathakali Dance. This is a traditional dance dream form and invovles usauge of faces and hand movements. Your food would be served in the room.

Day 15 : Madras - Out


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